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Bonsai Tree Care Guide, Watering bonsai plants
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Bonsai- General Care

By far, the most important aspect of taking care of a bonsai. While watering requirements vary by species, the KEY is to make sure the tree never completely dries out. A good way to check this is to insert a tooth pick or chop stick into the soil and check the dampness. Generally you need to water trees when the surface soil looks dry. Also, summer and winter watering are very variable. Do not water on a fixed schedule; Evergreens in the winter require far less watering than in the summer (once a week compared to daily). When watering, water thoroughly and soak completely. If kept indoors, also try to mist frequently.

Basic pruning is not required immediately on newly purchased bonsai; pruning is the act of trimming the bonsai into a pleasing shape. Pruning on Evergreens is accomplished mainly by pinching new growth with the thumb and forefinger. Pruning and trimming is a very subjective act, but there are some rules and style basics. Click Here for an in-depth tutorial on Juniper pruning.

Different Bonsai have very different lighting requirements, All trees need some form of sunlight to grow, so keep that in mind during placement. Junipers should remain outside during the growing season, but are sustainable by a south-facing window after wintering.

Small to mid-size Junipers are primarily outdoor plants and do require a period of winter dormancy. However, you may display the plant indoors successfully. Make sure the plant never dries out completely and is not placed by a heat vent or drafty window.

Fertilization of most trees should be restricted to the growing season. A good balanced fertilizer should work fine (20-20-20). Evergreens can be fertilized from spring until early winter.

Bonsai- Specific Care by Tree Type

Bonsai Care Guides:

There are many different kinds of plants used for bonsai. Here is a list of the most popular with specific care, watering and pruning and species information for each:

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